We meet with you to learn the details of the job description, and the skills and talents needed for success in this role


Beyond posting on job boards, we use our professional network to gather referrals to increase our pool of awesome candidates


We use predictive interviewing techniques to find the true DNA of our candidates to fit your job opening and your culture

For 25 years, Shelley Solomon Cull has been uniting people and companies who complement one another, creating mutually beneficial partnerships that prosper.

Shelley has a passion and a knack for business matchmaking. She is the President and Chief Matchmaker for Cull Staffing in the Capital Region and previously President of Rave Reviews Recruiting, a staffing firm in Northeast Ohio.

As a fellow independent business owner for 22 years with 30 employees, she understands your life as an entrepreneur and cares deeply about your  needs and continued success.  Shelley takes her knowledge of how to hire the right people and puts it to work for you.

Portrait Of Multi-Cultural Business Team In OfficeSolving Talent Acquisition Challenges

We make hiring easier for you!  Cull Staffing specializes in connecting the Capital Region’s leading small business owners with skilled hourly or salaried staff.  We have recently moved to the area but we are built on three decades of success in the Cleveland, Ohio region.  We offer affordable, customized hiring services for your long-term hiring needs.

business woman on meetingSEEK – SCREEN – SELECT

If you have a job opening, we will work with you to seek, screen and select the right person with the right DNA for your business.  Our goal is to help you hire long term staff with the exact skills you need, who care about you and your business and who appreciate the satisfaction that comes from a job well done! Do they really exist? Yes, they do!


We won’t be happy until you are happy, your company is well served and our candidate lands their dream job.  We call that our triple commitment!

We work one on one with our candidates and companies to find the right match for all – the best culture fit for the company and the best job for the candidate.

Imagine ONLY great people working for you! No more bad hires.


  • To understand your needs through in-depth interviews

  • To provide efficient, effective and affordable solutions to your business objectives

  • To fulfill our contractual obligations and conditions with enthusiasm and honesty

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Comp_62524623The more productive and awesome people on your team, the more successful your business will be. Whether it’s for front line staff or management, our unique and proven recruiting process will help produce the kind of employees who will impact your growth.

Successful placements are not achieved by plugging data into an algorithm or pulling names from a hat—they require personal connections and carefully cultivated networks.

We are invested not only in your success, but also the success of our local community, which means we are attuned to the local job market and have access to a strong network of talent. Pair that with our proven recruitment strategy and individualized attention, and you will see why we make our matches with capability and confidence.